Structure and Function

Software tools allow a comfortable programming and parameterization of VIPA systems and other automation concepts. These software tools are included on the tool demo CD (SW900T0LA) as activatable full versions.


The OPC-Server provides the standard interface for accessing data from OPC clients to PLC systems from different manufacturers. The OPC-Server supports TCP/IP networks via standard network cards as well as MPI networks that have one or more COM ports, an MPI-serial converter and/or are connected via VIPA MPI-USB adapter.

Programming Software

WinPLC7 is a programming system for Systems 100V up to 500S as well as for the Siemens controllers S7-300 and S7-400.

Parameterization Software

Different parameterization tools are available to users:

  • TD-Wizard: Parameterization tool for VIPA TD 03
  • WinNCS: PROFIBUS-DP and Ethernet- parameterization/configuration by VIPA controllers and communication processors
  • WinCoCT: Configuration of CANopen networks with VIPA System
  • OP-Manager: Parameterization tool for VIPA OP 03 and CC 03

Other Software and Tools

  • WinPLC Analyzer for PLC user programs
  • WinLP – Labeling software for VIPA System 200V
  • Eplan macros – technical information and drawings to the VIPA systems 100V, 200V and 300S
  • Handling blocks – Libraries for VIPA systems and components
  • Drivers – Device support for VIPA IPC, Slot PLC, and communication processors
  • Demo projects – configurations for VIPA System 200V and 300S
  • GSD/EDS files – configuration files for PROFIBUS-DP and CANopen
  • How-to-do – initial operation information

Download area

VIPA – Main Catalog 2014/2015

VIPA – Main Catalog 2014/2015
Katalog produktów VIPA w j. angielskim (26,6MB)

VIPA - Product discontinuations

VIPA - Product discontinuations
Informacje o wycofywanych produktach wersja z 29/06/2012

Pliki GSD dla wszystkich systemów VIPA (v209)

Pliki GSD dla wszystkich systemów VIPA (v209)
Cx000023_V209 (1,27MB)

Biblioteki VIPA (v131_01)

Biblioteki VIPA (v131_01)
VIPA SFCs, FBs, FC´s (System 100V, 200V, Speed7) (320kB)


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